11 November 2011


this game had been tag by AINA :)
thanky for tagging :)

1 . you must post these rules !
2 . each person must post 11 things about themselves in their journal
3 . answer the question tagger set fer you in their post
4 . create 11 new question fer the peolple you've tagged to answer .
5 . you have to tag 11 people and put their link in the entry
6 . go to their page and tell them you have tagged them
7 . no tag back
8 . you should tag 11 people ! (?)

simple kan?
okay.lets start!

11 things yang korang x taw psal aku

1.aku senyap je dengan orang x kenal.tapi if orang 2 tgur aku.aku akan ok :)
2.aku x suka orang yang suka buat sepah *especially dalam bilik -.-'
3.if nak kemas rumah or anything kena ade mood.
4.x pandai marah orang
6.aku bley nanges tanpa sebab.HAHA
7.very punctual.
8.x suka buat orang menunggu.
10.hate makeup.*setakat compact powder 2 ok la.
11.ak suka study sorang2.lpas aku study baru ak bley study ramai2

my answer for aina's question is : 

1.describe about love in one word
  -love is about sharing :) you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?
  -yes.i do :D
3.did your parents know about him/her?
  -err.maybe. -.-'
4.Describe at least 3 things about him/her that you loved :)
  -not hypocryte
  -comel especially time nanges.HAHA. *sorry dear :p
  -caring :)
5.Which one is more important , friends or your lover?
  -both.sbb i need friends and i need my lover :)
6.What's your plan for upcoming 5 years? Getting married or further your study?
  -getting married and further study.saya nak kawin. *gedik.HAHA
7.Is that he/she is the first one?
8.What's your dream?
  -my dream bnyak of them is i nak jadi best student UiTM :D
9.What's the best gift you ever gave or got?
  -i've got alot of friends.i've gave love to him.HAHA *nak muntah :p
10.At what age do you wish to marry?
  -23.gedikkan nak kawin awal.HAHA
11.What is your idea of a romantic date?
  -surprise.2 pn dah romantik. :D

and to those who are lucky.
answer my question :)

1.what is your dream?
2.who are you this upcoming 10 years? is about what? you have a boyfriend/girlfriend
5.what do you want from him/her?
6.your wish to your special one?
7.your best ever moment with him/her?
8.what is your best ever thing you did during secondary school?
9.what is your favourite part during checking?HAHA
10.what is your idea about BFF?
11.who is your BFF?

okay.ak main bagi je soalan.HAHA
jawablah korang.

11 lucky person is :

harap maaf.saya main tag sahaja.hee
jangan marah :)



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